Tryouts This Week

     This week is tryouts for everything. School spirit is everywhere, whether or not you want to see it.  The only thing being truly “tried out” is the patience of students who don’t or can’t play sports! We know that the decisions on who will be on the team, probably even who’s going to be starting and captains, are already decided on, barring some major upheaval. Rather than trying to kill myself to be told I’m not as good as the people who’ve been preordained to lead us into victory, I think I’d rather teach a lizard to read or buy a coffee for the statue of Rose. Maybe you should too.

Us vs. Them: Favoritism in Hope Falls Academy Reigns Supreme


        Good morning Hope Falls Academy! If you’ll notice, the regular student newspaper has its usual flowery stories about the cheerleaders and lacrosse team. What you’ll notice it doesn’t have is a piece on the academic team going to state, or the drama club holding auditions for the spring musical, or the fact the photography teacher is going to be awarded a lifetime achievement honor by the National Association of Photographers. The school administration doesn’t care about those things. Meanwhile, some of the lacrosse players have been known to pick fights in the parking lot and blame it on the other person, knowing they won’t be punished. One of the cheerleaders talked a girl into slitting her own wrist last year and are still on the varsity squad, no punishment given. The school administration has its favorites, clearly, and doesn’t seem to care who knows it. Until they realize that the rest of us can make headlines, we always have The Underground.

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